Saturday, january 23 2010
Jef Vriens wrote:

Dear brother Pastor Zhidkov,

Finally we can reach you and your church in Yakutsk.
Two years ago the Lord asked us to pray for a city in Siberia.
I didn’t know anything about Siberia or about a city in Siberia.
A look on the map didn’t gave me an answer.
After three times looking and praying I found the city of Yakutsk and in my mind the Holy Spirit said :
“ Yes Yakutsk. That's the city you have to pray for.”
We find out that this city is the coldest on earth.
So we prayed and we tried to make contact. Until now without result.
We continued praying and 10 days ago the Lord said:" you will have a message from Siberia with an answer."
This morning I found your adress in my emailbox.
Praise the Lord! He is faithful.
Can you tell us something about yourself and about the church.
Ourselves are a small church and foundation.You can visit our website :
Sikem means "the place where Jesus met the Samaritan woman and where He revealed Himself for the first time as the Messiah".
I like to know you and your church and to recieve more information about the churches in Yakutsk.
Let us praise the Lord for His leading.
I hope to hear from you very soon.
The Lord bless and guides you and “ the Brethren “.
Your brother in Christ

Jef Vriens – Sint Katelijne Waver - Belgium


Monday, february 1 2010
Pastor Zhidkov answered:

Dear brother,

Praise God that He raised you to pray for our region. We need a prayer support very much.
I will brief you on Yakutia. The republic is the largest region in Russia with a territory of 3103000 Sq. km.
The population is one million people. It is a huge territory with quite a few small towns and villages scattered around it.
A village population is from a 100 up to several thousand people.
The capital of the Republic is the city of Yakutsk. The population of Yakutsk is 350 000 people.
The distance between towns and villages is quite big. Yakutia consists of several regions.
In order to get to those regions, you need to fly on a plane for several hours.
There are regular flights to main towns in these regions.
In order to get to other villages or towns in the regions you need to take a 4 wheel drive jeeps.The main indigenous group in the republic is Yakut people or Sakha that is how they call themselves in their language.
In the northern part of the republic there are several other northern ethnic groups.
All these groups believe in their own small gods and spirits. It is hard for the native people to accept Christ.
It is a struggle for every soul. That is why we need a prayer support so much!
There are many protestant churches in Yakutia.
In Yakutsk city there are about 15 registered protestant churches and some that are not officially registered.
5 or 6 of these churches are Baptist, 7 are Pentecostals, 1 is Adventist and there are several Christian rehabs for alcoholics and drug addicts.
Each church is no more than 100 people. Once a month there is a meeting for pastors of all Protestant churches.
Different practical things and cooperation are discussed there. But first of all, pastors seek a spiritual unity.
Still, there is a lot of things need to be done in this field. Also, once a week there is a prayer meeting for pastors of Pentecostal Churches.
Our church is Pentecostal. God, through a prophesy, called our church A Corner Stone.
It was founded 7 years ago. There are about 50 members of the church.
We have a daughter-church (the one that we founded) in a village 150 km from Yakutsk. We visit this church twice a month.
Also, we have been building a Church for 4 years now. When finished, it will be a two floor building for 250- 270 people.
If God puts it into your hart, please pray for this construction.
Currently, only 2 churches have their own buildings. But these buildings are quite small, able to take only 70 or 80 people at one time.
Other churches have to rent places for their meetings. Due to the new strict law in Russia concerning religious organizations, it is getting harder to find a place for rent.
The Lord told us that the new building, will serve for all the churches in the republic.
We accepted this construction as our ministry.
Some words about myself. My name is Alexander. I am 46. I have been serving as a pastor for 6 years.
I am Russian, married,have three kids and one grandson.I am a believer since 1998.
I hope, I told you what you were interested in. If you have any more questions then write to me.
It was good to hear from you and learn that there are some brothers in Belgium who are praying for us!
God Bless you!
Your brother in Christ,



Tuesday, August 31 2010
Pastor Zhidkov wrote:

Brother Jef,

Peace be with you!
I am sorry for the delay with the answer. Upon your request, I am sending some pictures from my trip to Chukotka.
God blessed that trip.
I visited 2 villages called Anyusk, Ostrovnoe and 1 small town called Bilibino.
All churches are Pentecostal. Each church is less than 50 people. The churches are not in a very good state.
There is lack of ministers. Some churches do not even have pastors at all. People miss teaching.
The Lord gave me strength to serve these churches with words and prayers. It was visible how people are getting strength and are getting encouraged.
There had been some serious conflicts within churches. The Lord gave me wisdom to serve and resolve these conflicts. After that churches gained joy.
According to people there, I was the first guest minister for the past 10 years.
No other preacher from outside visited these churches during that period.
When I left, people cried and did not want to let me go. We remember these churches in our prayers and I also ask You to pray for Chukotka.
They need our prayer support. Life in Chukotka is very tough and very expensive.
Many people are unemployed and make their living by hunting and fishing. The crisis touched them quite a bit.
I have a desire in my heart to visit Chukotka once again. I do not know when the Lord will let me do it.
I keep praying about it.
God bless you.
Your brother in Christ,

Aleksandr Zhidkov.