Dear brothers and sisters!

I am very thankful for your prayers.
Pastor Alexander Zhidkov and his family have moved to another area very far from Yakutsk.
They continue to serve the Lord there.
We are building the prayer house for the church in Yakutsk.
Planning to launch leadership school in the autumn.
The church in Yakutsk is growing.
Most of the church members are native Yakut people.
We translate books for them into the Yakut language.
We plant new churches throughout Yakutia.
My family and I still live in Nerungry, 800 km away from Yakutsk, and visit Yakutsk church at least twice a month.
I am now pastor for both churches in Yakutsk and Nerungry.
It does not look to be possible to move to Yakutsk now but at some point I'll have to move and take my family there.
I thank you for your prayers again from all my heart!

Respectfully yours,Andrey Manjosov